Exactus Advisors

Exactus Advisors is a Chicago boutique advisory firm. But before that, it was just an idea. The client was starting a new company and the ask was to deliver everything from the name and visual identity to a website and social channels.

The client is also my dad and he needed everything done in three weeks. No pressure.

The Name

After a few days of naming exploration, we landed on Exactus Advisors. "Exactus" means exact, precise or accurate in Latin, which is exactly (no pun intended) what the client wanted his brand to communicate. 


The Visual Identity

My partner, Sarah Frazer, developed the visual identity. The client was looking for traditional and simple, but we still wanted elements of the logo to play off the name and its meaning.

The Website

We built the website using Squarespace and I worked my way through consulting jargon to ensure the content was exact, accurate and concise.

Additional Deliverables

In addition to the site, we created a PowerPoint template, business cards, note cards and letterhead.